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your Security, Network and Telecommunications

Infrastructure and Applications






Snowball Technology is a specialist in metrology and testing in the information and communications technologies areas

We offer our customers assessment/bake-off, tests and monitoring solutions for their Security, Network and Telecommunications infrastructure and applications .

The idea was born from a simple observation: The IT and Telecommunications infrastructures

are very rarely, if ever, naturally subject to extreme conditions.

When these events occur, they often reveal unexpected behaviors with a disastrous impact.

Snowball Technology offers you to anticipate and simulate these events,

by adopting a risk-controlled approach.


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We are specialized in the metrology of digital networks. Our technologies and skills allow us to test and validate the most complex network, security and telecommunications infrastructures.
Traffic generation, DDOS simulation and cyber attacks are just a few examples of our capabilities.
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 «if you can not measure it, you can not improve it »

"Peter Drucker"

Initially relating to management, this quote also takes on its full meaning with IT infrastructures and systems.


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