Cybersecurity revisited

The context of work is evolving both in the diversity of additional applications and services offered by the web and the cloud, as well as in the opportunities for mobility and remote  working.

This new context confronts us to the increase of the attack surface and exposure to different threats.

Enterprises must adopt modern solutions, more adapted to these new constraints. They must review thier security management processes and programs. 

Finally, it is essential to work more closely on the topics of cybersecurity with the business lines because they are increasingly consuming services that are not necessarily under the control of their IT.

Snowball Technology is cloud-first and focusses its consulting activities on supporting companies that adopt cloud services and applications.
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The drivers 

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A new problem does not necessarily require the addition of a new solution

The average number of security solutions enterprise must maintain is over 45, even worse, these solution are too often underexploited .

Optimization results in risks and costs reduction.


Plateform versus best of breed, 2 valid options.

However, a platfeform strategy makes the consolidation of the number of solution possible, and allows for the reduction of the integration and management points. 

The benefits are multiple: reduced TCO, better level of protection, less complexity.


Production burdon<=> Business requests, the SecOps teams are under constant pressure. 

90% of successful attacks are due to human errors. 

The new assessment methods make the cybersecurity posture improvements more efficient by leverage of a better prioritization.

Solutions for the Cloud, 
by the Cloud

The network and perimeter protections are necessary but no more sufficient.

In a hybrid environment, there is a cloud footprint no matter how small it is.

Entreprise's protection must be adapted to understand the new internet languages such as AJAX, JSON, XML , the "Layer 8" jargon.

The security platforms operating in the cloud are gaining ground because they are scalable, performant, and constantly updated thanks to the multitude of signals they capture and the use of Artificial Intelligence. 
Their centralized management makes them more effective and offers a greater visibility.

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Like any good player in the discipline, Snowball Technology is involve on the 5 pillars of the cybersecurity framework.

Although it is not part of our main activities, gaining a very good understanding of the enterprise, the context in which it operates, its systems, employees, assets and date is essential to determine its cybersecurity reisks and develop appropriate plans to improve its protections. That 's why Snowball technology is somehow involved in the identification function.

Our core business revolves around the implementation of protections and detection capabilities. We are active in the design and implementation of identity management,  privileges and access control solutions, data security, protection of the information, and knowledge transfer, based on protection technologies available in the cloud and on-premise.

Snowball Technology also puts its expertise at the service of the security events discovery using the advanced detection functions and processes of EDR or XDR tools. We also help discovering anomalies through analysis services, proactive posture tests, and the implementation of capture and other metrology solutions.

Regarding the response approach, whenever an incident is detected, or simply proactively, Snowball Technology implements automated processes et capture system to ease fast analysis required to set up mitigations or remediations, and improvements to the protection systems.

Our role in recovery is limites to the improvement of the solutions in place and their associated processes.

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