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Snowball Technology is a service company, active in the field of cybersecurity, whose main activities are consultancy and project implementation.

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Snowball Technology is above all a consulting and cybersecurity company.

Our consulting capacity is based both on operational experience developed in critical environments, on extensive knowledge of the various areas of IT security, and on continuous certifying trainings.

Snowball Technology relies on a few technology partners which are part of our approach to supporting companies in the secure adoption of cloud services. By mastering these solutions in depth, we offer customers a broader spectrum of use cases, and better management of their lifecycle. This results in a better return on investment and optimized operating costs, in particular by reducing operational constraints. 

We can therefore develop modern architectures that are simpler, better integrated, easy to administer, improving the level of protection while reducing the pressure on operational teams.


Once the target solution is defined, Snowball Technology experts define an implementation plan outlining roles and responsibilities. Snowball Technology offers a granular approach that allows us to take over all or part of the implementation, working with customer teams and other vendors in that customer's ecosystem.

Snowball Technology delivers comprehensive project documentation, as well as how-to guides and other tools for operations teams.

Snowball Technology also provides training for the various stakeholders.

Finally, Snowball Techology supports its customers over the long term with regular follow-up proposals helping to continuously improve the solution implemented and the associated operational processes.


Assessment, Test et Measurement

Improving the protection level of any business is a continuous process because the IT environment of enterprises varies in a context where cyber threats are constantly evolving.

Snowball Technology supports its customers in a pro-active evaluation process using  based on attack simulation techniques attack simulations, techniques which, although harmless, allow to validate the effectiveness of the protection solutions in place, in a repetitive way, to measure the real efficiency of the changes or improvements made, because the threats change constantly.

Snowball Technology also performs security assessment services of customer infrastructures, including Microsoft 365 and Azure, to reveal potential vulnerabilities.

Snowball Technology offers a wide range of test solutions (DDOS, networks, applications, automation, etc.) and performance measurement (networks, applications).

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Granular cloud and web control for 
improved security and user experience

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